Desmond Cain

Webpreneur · Developer · Marketer
Automotive Enthusiast


For those not in the know, Desmond is a web and application developer at Centresource, webpreneur, and freelancer who also happens to have a heavy passion for automotive performance.

As some label him a jack of all trades, he's found his professional passion and main focus within the realm of web and application development, internet marketing, and entrepreneurship. His self-driven, positive, never-give-up type attitude has proven to him that anything can be accomplished with the right mindset and a sprinkle of inspiration.


You've stumbled upon a small crevice in the web etched-out and carefully crafted for Desmond Cain, which in the near future, will serve as a place for frequent brain dumps, various dev projects (both personal and client-based), as well as automotive builds.

When Desmond's not on the grind you can find him looking for yet another grind. But, in cases where he gets a glimpse of free time, he's usually kicking back with his family, wrenching on cars, hanging out with buddies, or pushing weight around at the gym.


For 7 years I've dedicated my time to being a successful internet marketer. In an effort to broaden my computer-based knowledge and feed my childhood desire of becoming a proficient software developer, I've since transitioned into full-stack web and mobile development. Merging software development with the marketing, UX, and business sense that I've acquired over the years has facilitated my understanding of the development process from inception to a finished product that meets its target goal.

Random facts: Once co-piloted his godfather's Cessna · Can walk up stairs on his hands and is a former BBoy · Loves pizza and beer (who doesn't?) · Instrument of choice: Drums—nothing like a good groove · Favorite childhood cars are the McLaren F1 LM and Lamborghini Countach · He's also half Panamanian and speaks fluent Spanish

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.
Steve Jobs