Well, it turns out this guy that I met a long ass time ago lives less than a mile away from my new house. I recently found out because a friend of mine has his MKIV Supra over at the dude’s home-built shop right now getting a bunch of bodywork done (small world). I was able to check it out a couple weeks ago and he let me snap some photos. The photos kind of suck though because all I had was my iPhone, but you can still get a good idea of the way the shop is set up.

Though I’m PPG certified and have some paint and body experience, it’s nothing like this guy. He’s a vet—a real badass when it comes to anything chassis related, so let’s dive in!

I love how the outside is all inconspicuous and looks like a normal garage that would house a mower and some gardening tools.

Another perk is that he’s got Snap-On truck access out there and apparently the jerky is good. I had no idea Snap-On sold beef jerky.

Note the hanging industrial heater and florescent lighting.

Milon’s MK4 Supra on the lift and another customer’s classic hot rod in the back.

Tools of the trade!

On the paint booth side of the shop he’s got two regulators with inline filter.

Here’s the booth, fully sealed and insulated. It’s a hell of a lot brighter in here than it looks! You can’t see it from this angle but towards the front of the truck the ceiling goes up. That’s where the fresh filtered air comes from. Behind me in this photo is where the fan is to draw air out of the shop. He’s also got it setup to where he can hang stuff like side view mirrors and trim pieces from the ceiling while spraying them.

With a setup like this nearby, I’ve decided I’m going to take it there and have him spray my s13. That will give him some more side work and give my car a better environment to be painted in. Once I get the rest of my Rocket Bunny kit in I plan on doing most of the prep work, however.

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