Yep, we’re already into the 2nd month of the new year and time is flying! So stoked about my new Rocket Bunny S13 v1 kit, but I’ll get to that in a second. The first events for 2012 are coming up in just a couple of months. Some are within arms reach of me, so I’m going to do my best to make it out…with or without a car. Anyway, I decided to do a “small” update on a couple parts that I picked up last month. The title already gave it away though, ha.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m not that big on fiberglass aero anymore. However, the Top Resin Art stuff by Kei Miura is just so clean! I love the old school look, hence why I run Watanabes. I have yet to see an S13 with Watanabes and a Rocket Bunny, kit so I’m anxious to see the final result of my project. Yesterday I got the front and rear Four Six Customs 30mm fenders in. The bumpers and skirts are on backorder at Touge Factory till around the end of March. I plan to put my order in for those hopefully in late February. I’m not 110% sure if this is the first GT Rodeo / Rocket Bunny S13 v1 kit in Tennessee, but pretty damn sure it’s a first in Nashville! Now, on to some pics!

Rocket Bunny S13 Coupe v1 Fitment

The front driver side mockup. I’m still in search of an OEM s13 metal hood…so if you know of one for sale, or have one, then hit me up.

The packaging was definitely legit! Believe it or not, I’ve gotten kits before that were just in the box with bubble wrap only on the edges!

The quality and fitment are exceptional. I’m going to have to do very little work, if any, for everything to line up. I don’t want to jinx myself though so we’ll see. After all, it’s still fiberglass.

Driver’s rear. I cannot wait to get these bolted in!

I’ve previously rolled and pulled my rear quarters so I don’t really get to see a drastic change in width until it’s all said and done and I’m viewing dat ass from the rear. Above you can see what I’m talking about. Anyway, the RS8’s are right at home on the rear although the 16×8.5 is a little small. The +7 offset sets the barrels right where they need to be, I just wish they were a lot wider.

I’ll get another shot of the wheels under load to see exactly where it will sit with the geometry change due to weight.


I’m not yet sure how the fronts are going to fit until I get my suspension back in. But surely nothing spacers can’t fix for now. Here are a couple more angles of wheel fitment.

XRP AN Fittings

Got some baller fittins’, maaaan! Toby, a dude from, just became a distributor for XRP (Xtreme Racing Products). He put together a group buy for us fellow Zilvians. XRP is pretty well known throughout the NASCAR industry and offers some awesome stuff! Check out their Clamshell Quick Disconnect Couplings w/O-Ring seals, in-line oil and fuel filters, with your choice of 10/20/40 micron filters. And don’t forget the 4-Ply Nomex Kevlar and Hypalon coated Teflon tubing. This stuff is so freakin sick!

My old setup consisted of stainless steel braided lines with red and blue aluminum Fragola fittings. They are a little worn now and I wanted to go with a cleaner, more inconspicuous color scheme so Toby popped up at the right time with this group buy. The only thing I couldn’t swing in this order was the Hypalon coated Teflon lines for my fuel system. So once I have my system figure out and gather exact measurements for my lines I’ll put another order in and have Toby do all the crimping and pressure testing.

You can check out Toby’s S13 LS3 Swap progress here: Broadfield’s Blog BTW, he got the baller Clamshell Fittings, so check it out.

For now, I got a bunch of double swivel, and triple-sealed, AN fittings in this super hot matte black and titanium finish. Those coupled with black lines should be so clean! The quality is definitely apparent when doing a close up on these fittings. They are marketed as lightweight, however, they aren’t way too light to the point you feel that they used cheap metals. they have a nice quality weight and feel to them. The swivels are super smooth too. So we’ll see how well these seal up. I highly doubt I’ll have any problems.


I’ve got a couple more parts to post up but I’ll leave those for another day as this post is long enough as it is. Don’t forget to follow and share!

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