A few months ago I stumbled across this R8 that made me view them in a whole new light. I was so in love with it that I decided I had to post it up. I mean for the price of a regular R8 you could purchase an R35 GTR, kick some serious ass, call it a day and still have a good chunk of change left over to play with. But seriously, this Audi R8 by PPI is straight evil! In all honesty, PPI is the sole reason I would purchase an R8 if I could…well that and all the CF goodies, well-balanced platform, and the sex appeal that oozes off of it.

So let’s dig a little deeper. PPI Automotive Design is a German tuning company that was founded in 1997 by Dr. Benjamin Abraham. Their main focus is custom-built Audis from R8’s all the way down to TT’s and Q7’s.

This particular R8 is their Razor GTR 10 and boasts a wicked carbon fiber wide-body kit that’s fully wind-tunnel tested for effectiveness. With the additional weight that PPI managed to shave off the car (250kg) they also bumped the power to an impressive 580bhp with the help of a supercharger. That translates to 62.5mph in just 3.7 sec. and a top speed of over 200 mph — as stated by Quattroholic.com

Photo by Jeroen Willemsen via – SpeedHunters.com

According to Speedhunters, PPI finished off the look and feel of the Razor with a custom set of MAG11 wheels measuring in at 19×10(F) & 20×11(R). These bad boys are wrapped in 255/35(F) & 325/25(R) Michelin rubbers to help keep things planted.