It’s been a while since I posted any updates on my s13. Since then I managed to put the head back together and ordered a couple goodies which should be here next week. John over at Shackelett Machine did a good job on the head although it took them a long time to get it back to me since they were backed up. Here’s a little peek:

Everything is squeaky clean and ready to go in!

I finally got around to mounting the head. You’re looking at HKS rocker arm stoppers with a set of Tomei 260 cams underneath. BC titanium retainers and springs, Supertech valves and seals, a 3 angle valve job with a port and polish sitting on top of an Apexi head gasket.

To bleed the hydraulic lifters I basically used a small container that will hold the lifter upright while submerged in oil. I then used a skinny allen wrench (a small screwdriver that will fit inside will work too) and pressed on it until all of the air bubbles stopped coming out. At this point, it’s nice and firm as well.

These babies should really help open up the 3071r .78! Even at 13psi, no cams, and a rom tune, it had great response time and noticeably more power/torque compared to my old 2871. I can’t wait to see the results once everything is back together and finely tuned.

And a close up of the Crowers installed!

I have a few things left to button up in the engine bay then I’m going to have a buddy of mine weld up the IC pipe so I can mount the IAT sensor for the AEM EMS. From there I just have to calibrate and get it tuned up…hopefully, everything goes smoothly!

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