I finally took the time to dig through my garage and found a bunch of stuff that I don’t need. Most everything is used but in working condition and all are quality parts for the S13 and S14. I also almost sold my RS Watanabe RS-8s to a local guy, which I now realize that I would have regret..badly. So although I wanted to go with a bigger diameter (because bigger is better, right) I’m so glad that transaction didn’t go through!

Okay, back to the parts. Below is a list of links of what I have for sale. Just click on the part you’re interested in and it will send you to my For Sale Page with images, prices, and descriptions, etc. Contact me with any questions!

[unordered_list style=”green-dot”]


*Most everything I’m pretty firm on but if you come to me with a decent best offer, then I may consider it.
**For non-locals all parts will be shipped via UPS with tracking number or USPS. It just depends on the size of the part and what I’m feeling that day..