My buddy Tony dropped by with a bolt-in Cusco cage that he traded out some old parts for. The last time he was at the track he slid off at about 90mph and it rattled him a bit so for some added peace of mind we’re bolting this baby down in time for the Driftober Fest & Cars For The Cure Event this weekend.

Now I know there’s a lot of controversy around bolt-in cages, and frankly, you just can’t beat the strength of a cage that’s been welded in (and some sanctions don’t even allow them). With that said I did a little research on the bolt-in Cusco cages and I came across some pics on of a WRX that had rolled with one of these in it. To my surprise, the cage actually held up surprisingly well…and probably saved the driver’s life!

I’m glad that dude came out ok. Anyway, back to work…

The cage was actually in really good shape. The previous owner had only done a test fit, so this thing is basically brand new.

The color scheme on Tony’s s13 is pretty dope — flat white with the blue Cusco cage on 18″ Inifiniti’s painted highlighter yellow. They really pop in the sunlight!

After we got all the holes drilled and plates lined up, everything was bolted down nice and snug! Next up is probably a harness bar and some seats. Stay tuned for some drift action this weekend! I’ll try to post as soon as I get back. Or if you’re in the area, drop by as this will be the last event at the Nashville Super Speedway as they’re shutting down soon. I believe gates open up at 9:30 am this Saturday, Oct.22nd. And it’s $10 to get in. See you there!

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