Alright, so this past weekend (Saturday to be exact) was the second annual DriftoberFest put together by Tennessee Drift and Cause Factory. Sadly this might very well be the last event at the Nashville Super Speedway. 🙁 Overall it was a great event — decent-sized crowd, a bunch of sick cars, and tons and tons of tire smoke!

Since I had a bunch of people with me I drove the Titan and let a buddy of mine drive my S2000. It was nice to have it out at an event for a change as it’s really just my daily driver with very little mods.

Spotted another one; me on the left, twinsie on the right with a hardtop.

An old friend of mine, Hooman Rahimi taking care of business in his 350z. It was good to see him out there!

Hooman Rahimi (I’m Only Hooman) out there shredding it!

This is Tony’s 3rd event and he’s doing really well getting deeper angles as the day went by!

Check out more of Tony Vongkhamchanh’s car here: Tony’s Cusco Roll Cage Install

Adam Szczuka (Struka) was out in his Team Rowdy S14

Well, I guess that’s it for me (event wise) for the rest of this year. I hope we can find some more local events next year as I plan to have the s13 up and running by next season. If not, the next closest track that I’m aware of is in Memphis, then Atlanta.

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